About us

About the Owner, Dewet Bezuidenhout.


Dewets’ passion for plants and landscaping started from a very young age, and set off quickly when he visited his first Bonsai show while still in primary school, and from there started propagating all his own plants and running a backyard nursery and supplying nurseries with some of his stock.

He has since qualified with a National Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape design and has gained a vast range of experience in working in the green industry since 2009. He has worked in in the renowned Midstream Estate, as well as being the Horticulturist at the Vineyard Hotel to name but a few.

LPE Projects was started with the vision of creating contemporary landscaping solutions and innovative solutions to outdoor living spaces to clients in the challenging Western Cape climate.


Our name is derived from the philosopher Aristotle means of persuasion, and this is also our approach to business


Logos –  Logical and practical approach to individual clients’ needs.

Pathos – Making an appeal on the emotions  of our clients by providing solutions that inspire a sense beauty and satisfaction.

Ethos – by providing integrity in all our ways of dealing.